Pet Grooming: The Why’s & The Who

Your furry friends deserve to be spoiled with pet grooming from time to time. While it can be very costly, many experts say that the benefits of taking pets to the groomers actually outweigh the cost. So before making any decisions, you might want to consider these pros and cons.

Pet Grooming Services Pros

  • Being groomed by experts. Pet groomers work with animals for a living and they can expertly clean your pet from head to paws. They have the facilities and right supplies for pet wash and grooming. As you may already know, just bathing and drying your pets can be very difficult to bathe and dry. And it’s even harder to cut their hair.
  • They have grooming supplies. A groomer has all the supplies to get their job done; from a grooming table to shampoos and other necessary supplies. By having your pet groomed regularly, you don’t have to worry about buying the right grooming supplies and stacking them.
  • They can inspect your dog’s skin. Having extra set of eyes to visually inspect your dog’s skin can be quite beneficial. Professional pet groomers will then notify you if there are problems you missed.
  • Your pet’s nails are kept trimmed. Having your pet’s nails trimmed is much more than a matter of appearance. When their nails become too long, it can be too painful for them. It also makes it difficult for them to walk around. Although nail clipping seems easy, it is actually a tough task where even the slightest mistake can lead to bigger problems.
  • Treating fleas and dog lice. Your pet groomers can easily spot flees and dog lice that need to be dealt with immediately. While flea shampoo can help, they will simply return to your pet if you don’t take care of the fleas at home.

Pet Grooming Services Cons

  • It can be costly. As mentioned above, the benefits of pet grooming services outweighs the cost. But if it is really an issue, you can always look for expert groomers that offer the most reasonable price.
  • It can be hard to trust groomers. We often read and hear about the bad experiences pet owners had with the groomer. But note that not everything on the internet is true. So do your own research and look for local groomers that you can trust. Make sure that you personally inspect them in action and ask reviews from some of their customers. If you want to observe how groomers work, you should pick a busy day and go their unannounced. This way you can see how clean they work, as well as how they handle other people’s pets.

While having your pets groomed is essential for your furry friends, it is equally important to find a qualified groomer in the area. But how do you know if he/she is experienced and an expert in his/her field to safely groom your cats and dogs? Before scheduling an appointment for grooming services, follow these helpful tips.

Pet Grooming: The Why’s & The Who

1. Check federal laws.

Check the laws of your state whether they require groomers to be licensed in order to operate their business. There are some states that have strict licensing requirements for grooming facilities and for those who want to work as a pet groomer. Meanwhile, other states don’t have such requirements. However, bear in mind that grooming license only applies to the operation of a grooming facility or the place of business (such as requirements for spacing and housing). Currently, there are no educational degrees or certificates required in the grooming industry.

2. Ask if they are certified.

Since there are states that have no legal standards for pet grooming business in terms of education/certification, pet owners have to ask and find out whether the groomer is certified. If they have no certification, then ask about their history; if they trained or apprenticed under an expert groomer, how long has he been grooming pets, and etc. If they’ve been certified, on the other hand, you can do research about their certification program to make sure that it is of high standard.

3. Ask your pet’s veterinarians.

If you clearly don’t have any idea where to start on your search for a qualified groomer, then ask your veterinarian. There are veterinarians out there that offer grooming services at their clinic. Although they may not offer the whole package, but they usually have bathing, nail trimming, hair brushing, and shaving services. Or, better yet, they may point you to their favorite groomer in town.

4. Do your research online.

One way to get useful information is to do a research online. The internet has a lot of information, and it’s being updated every minute. Look for reviews or other types of postings that can help you to learn more about the grooming services available in your area. You may also encounter an article about the best groomer out there. Keep in mind that when you read online reviews about a groomer or a business, you need to objective. You need to have a critical eye. That means that instead of looking for one bad review or one good review, look for trends. Read a bunch of bad reviews and great reviews. This will allow you to have a balanced online perspective on deciding who should groom your pets.

5. Before taking your pets to any groomer, visit their facilities first.

Whether you prefer mobile pet groomers or you just want to drop off your pet at a grooming business facility, it is very important that you visit their place first. Although the grooming boutiques can be very chaotic and furry, grooming tables and tools should be clean. They should look organized and still in very good condition. Also make sure that pets are consistently supervised as well and that they are never left alone on grooming tables.

Pet Grooming: The Why’s & The Who

For your pets to be happy and healthy, it is important to keep them clean and well-taken care of. Find a high quality pet groomer that can do their job well. By doing so, you’ll get the best value for your money.